“At one point Alana asked about expense accounts” Former Scam Union Member Speaks Out

When the scam Union first started, there were quite a few different people that came and went. Almost all the people that bailed did so once they came to the realization the Union was nothing more than a hustle. The person who answered the questions on a condition of anonymity has been in the industry for 10 plus years, maybe more..

This interview as given to me in 2017, and was done after waling away from the Union due getting fed up with the “immaturity” of Pylissha ann and Alana.

I sat on it because of the the election questions, I wanted to wait until the elections to see if the leadership changed or stayed the same just like I was told it would. However, The union president tweeted that all officers get 3 year terms which would of meant 18 more months of waiting..

Instead I decided to pull some excerpts from the interview and at some point will publish the interview in it’s entirety on LukeIsback.com

I was asked to get involved shortly after the union became public, money was always at the forefront of meetings with Phyllisha Ann. Things like subsidized salaries were a constant talking point.

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