Porn Union: It’s Always Been About The Money & The Truth About FSC #APAG #IEAU

APAG members/ officers Ruby and Alana have been telling people that my issues with the porn union are bought and paid for by the FSC. That they are the reasons im opposed to porn having a Union..Because I have written some many posts about it, alot of things have been lost in the wash. So im gonna lay out my biggest concern which is the money..

From day one, the union, lead by felon Phylisha Ann has talked about money…

That’s from March 2016, before there was even a board in place The Union at that time wanted to charge 1000 bucks a year to be a member .

2 months later in May 2016, after Evan Stone starting calling Union founder Phyllisha Ann out for fake elections and her attempts to make a buck off the talent. Phyllisha Ann posted sent a message to Evan:

Yea, 200,00 to 300,00 thousand a year..

In the summer of 2016, Phyllisha Ann went to FSC headquarters and tried to extort her way to free office space. Not only that, she …read more      

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