Social Underground Writer Ralph Sutton Pens Column on Dating in a Post #metoo Universe

 Ralph Sutton

On this Valentine’s Day, radio personality and columnist Ralph Sutton explores modern love in a brand new Social Underground piece, A Heterosexual Single Man’s Guide to the Do’s and Don’ts in the Post #metoo Universe, and can be read here

“For a while now – I have been writing articles on dating for Social, and as always – I am here to be your Sherpa in the do’s and don’ts of today’s man. What can you say or do without fear of public humiliation, or a twitter shit storm of hate to come careening towards you for a statement that might have been just considered groan-worthy way, way back in 2016,” writes Sutton. “So, I am going to spend some time guiding you through the various stages of a potentially new relationship – from the initial flirting stage, to your first date, your relationship, sex and the inevitable breakup. I hope this unofficial guide helps you in these tender times.”

From flirting to first dates and second dates to sex, to break ups, Sutton, an infamous, confirmed bachelor, teaches men how to navigate their way through romance at a time when defenses are …read more      

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