Scam Unions Labor Filings Will Make You Laugh #AHF #IEAU #APAG

Below is the a screen of the ONE and ONLY filing done by the scam union since its inception. Accodrng to the website, reports are due with

The filing shows no assets at all. No office space, no stapler, no pens, nothing. In 2 years the union has nothing??

How did members of the union make the pro condom meetings? Oh, I know, those trips were funded by AHF.. lol.

For those that are new to the union, at one point the union was pro condoms. How did that come about you ask?

One day, the founding felon of APAG approached the FSC with some various requests, one was office space. Once that request was denied, the union did what any legit union would do, they sold out the majority and signed on with AHF in their efforts to shut down porn.

During tbis attempted blackmail, Both union and APAG board members began showing up at different hearings. Looking at the union filings for that time, it’s clear they show NO $ received.

The union travel was covered by AHF, the same group that have been on a mission to essentially destroy porn. Of course they won’t ever tell. The scam union wants …read more      

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