Axel Braun Attempts To Start A Fight With Kevin Moore At AVN

Axel Braun, the piece of shit Wicked Director who has issues paying his bills, added to his sketchy legacy by trying to fight deceased porn star August Ames husband Kevin Moore.

Axel, who normally only bully’s women, decided that AVN would be the perfect place to go after Kevin. A public place where it would get broken up before Axel caught a beat down.. This type of behavior from people connected with Wicked isn’t surprising, after all it was Wicked contract chick Jessica Drake who was involved in the tweets that ultimately lead to August Ames suicide..

Wicked, who took heat for both Brad and Jessica obviously didn’t get the memo, since not only did one of its directors go after Kevin, but Wicked founder Steve Orenstein watched it all go down..

I’m told, Axel, like a fat chick on Worldstar, came at Kevin arms flailing and several people stepped in including Johnny Sins..

Wonder how the people at AVN felt about that? After all, we all signed an agreement saying we wouldn’t engage in these types of things while at AVN.

Axel was involved in a legal issue with August at the time of her death, instead of being mature …read more      

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