Pro-Domme Hudsy Hawn Slated to Teach Two Classes at the Armory Next Month

Renowned BDSM educator and Pro-Domme Hudsy Hawn will be teaching two classes in February as part of’s educational offerings at the Armory in San Francisco, CA.

“I’m excited to be teaching two of my favorite classes at the Armory,” said Hudsy Hawn. “To get to be part of the history of their kinky halls of education (and right before they relocate) is truly a timely honor!”

Hawn will be teaching two classes on Saturday, February 3, at the’s historic Armory in San Francisco. Course descriptions are below:

T.O.Y.S. (Touch on Yourself): Are you excited about BDSM’s erotic possibilities but you and your partner still haven’t begun to stock your toy bag? The choices and tastes are limitless but before you make those first selections, consider this acronym:

Touch. On. Your. Self.

Hudsy Hawn shares her insight on your most important first investment: Using your mind and body. Learn to create play with your most personal play implements, your physical limbs, creative minds, and the 7 Wheels of Energy.

Purchase your tickets to this class here:

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