WoodRocket Releases The Hamilton XXX Parody

Finally, the Founding Father becomes the Pounding Father: Hamilton now has an Adult parody! WoodRocket is proud to present the most revolutionary hip-hop musical porn parody in American history, Hamiltoe.

Hamiltoe premieres Thursday, December 7th on WoodRocket.com and Pornhub for free, with a very special Premium Version on Pornhub Premium, featuring an extra song and twice as much colonial coitus in an extended sex scene!

Featuring 8 parody songs like, “My Pop Shot”, “The Fister Sisters”, “The Wood Was Wide Enough”, “You’ll Be Backside”, and “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Threeway Story”, Hamiltoe features them performed by the characters Aaron Bonerr, Queen Whorge, James Madickson, Cummas Jefferson, Epieza, Angelicum, and of course, Alexander Hamiltoe.

It’s 1769, and Alexander Hamiltoe comes to Porn Valley to fight the British Sex Laws that allow only missionary sex. So Hamiltoe revolts with his penis and turns the red coats white! He has America’s first Threesome. He went all the way, but did he go far enough?

Hamiltoe was directed by April O’Neil & Lee Roy Myers, and produced by Vuko & Seth’s Beard. Music was written by D-Squared, with lyrics by Lee Roy Myers, Eitan levine, and Locke Van Kemp. Hamiltoe stars Tommy …read more      

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