Did Twitter Bullying Lead To August Ames’s Death?

Over the last few days August spoke her mind about canceling a scene she’s was booked for.. the male talent in that scene was a crossover

That tweet lead to an onslaught of hateful tweets, by a bevy or adult industry workers. Once again showing that sex workers aren’t as tolerant as they claim they are. In a profession where choice is an inherent right, it’s sad that people have no respect for people who feel like they are doing what’s best for their own bodies. Drake, who shoots condom only really has no horse in this race.

<img src="http://therealpornwikileaks.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/B94047FD-0059-4481-8792-2B17EB847459.jpeg" alt="" width="1125" height="1124" …read more      

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