Did the Zeta’s Vote For James Bartholet?

PR Guru and totally drug free James Bartholet has sent a few tweets out asking people to vote for him.. Gee TRPWL, what’s wrong with that? Nothing other then James isn’t nominated in any fan voting categories. So anyone trying to vote for him would have a very hard time doing so.

Good news though, TRPWL has nominated James for several awards, they are:

Future Kidnap Victim Of The Zetas

Best Coke coupons in the valley

Best Lines to trick newbs into sex err content trade

Most feature projects to never ever come out

Worst PR Agency in the history of porn, even worse than Erika “Sugar Cum” Icon

Most likely to be Tazed by an Uber driver

One second, I just had a thought,

I’m not Mike South, I don’t piss in cups and I’ve never had my leg broken by a stripper.

Yea, I just threw that in there, it really has no bearing on this post other then Mike South pisses in cups and once had his leg broken when a stripper jumped on his back. That incident lead to 2 things, myself, the late Dr. Cindi Spiegler and Whiteacre referring to him as Mr Glass, and a wheel chair bound South assaulting a stripper.

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