Eva Lovia: “Ethical porn — This can be the norm.”

Adult performer Eva Lovia has written a timely and thought provoking essay wherein she asserts “Ethical porn — This can be the norm.”

“It is time we removed the blinders and really dive into what is ethical porn, is it possible, and how we can ensure it’s survival,” Lovia wrote.

Read Eva Lovia’s essay in full exclusively on Ethical.porn.

Lovia offered her conceptualization of ethical porn — content that is produced with consent by all parties, where all the performers are happy, excited, and not pressured into doing acts they may not be comfortable with, and where saying “no” doesn’t get you labeled as “difficult” or a “diva.”

She also called upon women in the industry to support performers who may be struggling: “[S]ome are not as bold, confident, or brave to speak up, so if you see something, say something,” she asserted.

Lovia is an advocate of women’s sexual empowerment and her activism shows in her work, as well as in her statement. “If performers could band together and no longer tolerate bad behavior, we could have a future where ethical porn was the norm not the exception as it currently is,” she wrote.

Read Eva Lovia’s essay here.

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