Unlicensed Agency GoodLife Modeling Is Making Quit The Name For Themselves

Below is a conversation between Chris, owner of GoodLife Modeling and Lloyd Platinum:

LOL.. A 200 buck booking fee? Now I dont know Kelsi Monroe, she’s hot, but in 4 years she’s only got 129 credits according to IAFD . Which is an average of 32 scenes a year or less then 3 shoots a month…All due respect to her, that hardly qualifies as “one of the most sought after adult film actresses in the world” ..

Even better, when Lloyd calls him out on his booking fee citing Derek’s models and the fact that not even HE charges that much, Chris insinuates that Hay does in fact charge the same rate.. Hmmm

I reached out to Mr. Hay, a Bjorn Borg fan and owner of LA Direct Models, and asked him asked him if he had ever charged a $200 booking fee? He responded with a “NO”.

Not sure but maybe Chris of GoodLife Modeling isn’t as close to Derek as he thinks. Given Derek’s dislike for unlicensed talent agencies im beginning to suspect that Chris might not be a very honest guy.

As for being “fully …read more      

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