Dallas Novelty Presents Hot Octopuss Queen Bee Line for Women

Dallas Novelty the award-winning online adult store whose motto is “Sex is For Everybody,” is now carrying Hot Octopuss’ first female product, The Queen Bee, for women who enjoy intense clitoral orgasms in a lightweight, easy toy.

“Our friends at U.K. based Hot Octopuss have listened to its customers and released their first sex toy for women, the Queen Bee, that uses the same PulsePlate technology as the award-winning Pulse III Solo & Duo toys that were made for men,” says Nick Mahler from Dallas Novelty. “I think the Queen Bee will be the hottest toy for this Fall because it’s a versatile vibrator that can work for almost any woman able bodied or disabled. You can use the diamond textured side for sensation with milder vibration or the awesome PulsePlate side where the more pressure you apply the more powerful the unique oscillations. One of the best features is a longer handle than most external massagers but still slim enough donuts easy to hold. Make sure you get your order in because these are selling very quickly, Dallas Novelty is an authorized retailer so you can trust your purchase.”

The Queen Bee is eco-friendly as well since …read more      

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