Is Nexxxt Level Talent Violating The California Talent Agency Act?

A few days ago, I was minding my business, playing on twitter, and being the all around great guy that I am…

Drunk with happiness after landing Jay Ajayi in a free agent bidding war against my nemesis Pete, I tweeted some random things I had heard about Nexxxt level Talent agency..

And just like Pete did, I was accused of making stuff up and being dishonest.. Let me perfectly clear, I didn’t cheat Pete, I just made him think a trade was gonna happen, that purely by accident, fell thru after I had won Ajayi. My bad Pete

When my insightful tweets about Nexxxt Level went out, 2 people came to their defense. One of those people was non other then Jonathon Morgans roommate/girlfriend, Lauren Phillips. We don’t follow each other, she just popped up on my timeline, made herself look stupid, blocked me, then wiped her account in some Urban X effort to hide the truth..

Out of all the tweets that went out, this is my favorite:

When I asked her if she dated Johnathon and she said no, my phone lit up faster then Scotties coke dealer after Scottie accidentally steals a debit card.. I had no fewer then …read more      

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