Exxxotica Owner J. Handy Responds To Complaints

This response from Exxxotica owner was posted on XBIZ.net this afternoon in response to numerous allegations and complaints.

Hey everyone. I’m J. Handy, director of EXXXOTICA, hopefully here to clear up some very disgusting and disturbing claims made above and on Twitter all weekend long. I’m sorry it took so long (48 hours) to jump on here to speak about this but I’ve never been on XBIZ’s boards and they take 2 days to clear your registration. I also didn’t want to start blasting on Twitter, as 140 characters at a time wouldn’t do anything more than stoke the fire. I’ve read pretty much all the comments above, and have been following on Twitter since this blew up on Saturday, and needless to say, I’m horrified of it all, so hopefully being able to get all of this down on one post will help clarify some issues, put to bed some false claims, and make everyone realize that security, safety and respect have always been a core issue of the event.

I’m going to start with probably the first major issue, one that I believe was the beginning of a lot of these issues. Ron Jeremy.


Ron has been …read more      

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