The First Sex Doll Brothel in Europe Opened Up in Barcelona

The first brothel in Europe with silicone girls instead of real ones has opened its doors in Barcelona. The Lumidolls club is located in the center of the city close to La Rambla and offers its clients the “services” of realistic human-like dolls. All of them are made of thermoplastic elastomer, so the owners of the establishment assure that there will be no difference between touching the doll and a real lady. An hour with one of the “girls” will cost 80 euros (about $85). The club’s owners describe the advantages of their silicone ladies and promise their clients a completely new experience.

Brothels with dolls have already become popular in such countries, as China and Japan. But Europe has never seen clubs like this before, which makes Lumidolls the first of its kind. Right now there are only four dolls available at Lumidolls with each of them having a unique name, facial features, height, and ethnicity. According to the club’s website, the first doll, Leiza is a 5ft 6in African ebony goddess; with a sculpted body.

The second one is Lily. She’s a 5ft 3in Asian beauty with full natural breasts, described as probably the sweetest-looking doll; the club offers at …read more      

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