Millionaire Strip Club Owner Bender Cain aka Paul Sparks Buys Race Car

I’ve been laughing at this for a couple of months now.. For those who don’t know who Gabriel Bender Cain is, click here and read up, then come back.

In April, Bender Cain, using the name Paul Sparks interviewed fan favorite and cool dude Mick Blue, the interview covered Mick’s love of racing and how he was looking for sponsorship..

A week or so later, Bender sent out this tweet:

Which prompted one of the most ridiculous paragraphs in PR history,

Last week Mick announced that he is hunting for a sponsor to join the team he is building for his new career as a racecar driver. Soon after word went out, he was interviewed by Paul Sparks, CFO and Chairman of the Board of Explicit List. Soon after the interview was released, Explicit List announced that they are considering becoming a sponsor for Team Mick.

I understand that in the PR game sometimes it’s hard to find promotion worthy content, but that is just plain stupid..

“Paul Sparks, CFO and Chairman of the Board of Explicit List”, who the fuck calls themselves CFO and Chairman when they interview someone??

And why does a blog with no traffic need a CFO?

I guess some people didn’t …read more      

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