Harriet Sugarcookie Opens Sore Subject of Sexually Transmitted Infections

Popular men’s adult lifestyle site HarrietSugarcookie.com shares sensible advice on telling ex-partners of an STI diagnosis in an informative new post, “How to Tell Your Ex You Have an STI”.

“STI happens,” begins British adult star and website founder Harriet Sugarcookie in the article. “It doesn’t mean you’ve done something wrong and it doesn’t mean your partners have done something wrong. It does mean, however, that you have the daunting task of telling your previous partners and exes, because they need to be informed.”

Sugarcookie advises to do research about the infection thoroughly, decide the manner in which to tell them – “the important thing here is that you are informing them. Not telling an ex is the worst thing you can do.”

Sugarcookie conducted a recent Twitter poll asking sexually active participants, ‘Would you be more likely to tell an ex you have an STI if you were able to do it anonymously?’, with 68% polling YES.

She adds that many healthcare clinics now offer an anonymous notification service to its patients. “You can leave a contact number and they will send a message informing the person that they might be at risk of an STI.”

Lastly, Sugarcookie reminds everyone that when notifying an …read more      

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