Weed Bikinis And ‘Sexy 420 Sessions’: The Rise Of The Stoner Porn Star

In one of porn star Kendra Sunderland’s recent Instagram videos, she’s wearing a see-through lace bodysuit with an above-the-hip “Baywatch” cut. The buxom 21-year-old is arching her back and swaying subtly for the camera while music plays in the background. It’s pretty standard fare, as far as sexy social media content goes — except the song is Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds,” with the famous refrain, “every little thing gonna be all right,” and her dance partner is a bong the length of her torso.

She inhales deeply — or takes a “rip,” as the accompanying hashtag, “#bongrips,” suggests — and blows a cloud of smoke into the camera. “So nice smoking girl,” comments a fan. One guy chimes in predictably, “Lucky bong!” Another, perhaps too stoned to recognize the absurdity, suggests, “Let’s get high sometime!” The video has over 42,000 views.

It’s one of several posts the award-winning performer has made that sensually announce her love for Mary J. In another video captioned, “Wake n bake,” she lights a blunt, lets smoke billow out of her lips, and pulls her pink leopard print robe to the side. She’s also posted photos of marijuana packed tightly into a glass pipe and an …read more      

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