Chloe Amour/Dromebox Labs wraps production of Episode 5 of the Jack Jimminy Show

Social Media Star Chloe Amour {ig@chloeamourx} has completed her first starring role in Episode 5 of DromeBox Laboratories {@DromeBoxLabs} wildly popular independent sitcom “Jack Jimminy: Porn Extra” series.

Directed by Nolan Silverstein & Delilah Soup, the episode stars Chloe Amour, Evan Stone, B.J. Averell, Nolan Silverstein, Adam Papagan and Karen Centerfold.

On working with Chloe Amour:

“We wrote Chloe’s role specifically for her and she knocked it out of the park. says: Producer/Director Nolan Silverstein. “Nobody likes Waldorf salad.. It’s got too much mayonnaise and odd fruits in it. Getting such a disgusted performance out of a seasoned adult actress is the kind of comedy you dream about!”

On working with Evan Stone:

Shooting with Evan Stone has always been a goal for our production. When I think of comedy and Pornography, I think of Evan Stone. The shoot day for “Eating In” went spectacularly. Everyone clicked with their roles and the comedy we captured had the kind of raw improvisation we always aim for on Jack Jimminy..

The world of Jack Jimminy is finally taking form!

Chloe Amour on working with Dromebox Labatories:

“This is the most fun I’ve had on a set in long time.” explains Chloe. “Nolan and Delilah {the Directors} gave us a lot …read more      

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