Please Give Phyllisha Anne Your Real Name & Address #IEAU Union Business

Felon and the person voted most likely to flunk a random drug test Phyllisha Anne has redesigned her scam Unions website.. Bored, I decided to not only check out the money scam website, but also download its bylaws…Oh man, what fun…

First, in keeping with Union standards, the website has more misspelled words then 1st grade spelling bee. And it’s not just the website, the Union Bylaws, a document written in word, has over 120 spelling errors in the first 27 pages…I didn’t bother reading all 72 pages, but I will.. I know what your thinking, how can a document written in Microsoft Word have ANY misspelled words? LOL

I guess the most concerning part of the website is the sign up page:

Yes, Phyllisha Anne, the felon, the women who was fired from her inter-web radio show for giving out the personal info of people she didn’t like on the air, wants you to give her your real name, home address, and stage name…What could possible go wrong here?? It’s not like in the wrong hands that info could harm …read more      

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