The Real Story Behind The Fake “Michael Weinstein Is Back” Email

For the last 10 days someone has been in my ear trying to get me to write about East Coast Talent. Saying he’s ripping off talent and doesn’t have a license. This person even took at as far as to say, “he’s way worse then Scott” over a Plush..When he told me that I was like, has ever ever been accused of sexual assault? Or stealing a debit card? Writing bad checks? His response: no, but i heard he likes to get fucked in the ass with a strap on. WTF? I told him thats not a felony. This is porn,who cares..

Now, in this guys defense, he did send me a letter about ECT not having a LIC and some one sided text messages with girls talking about lack of invoices.. That in itself isn’t enough for me to slam him, add a fake Clips For Sale store and get back to me.

During our texting and phone calls, this person also informed me that 3 of the top 4 agents were on board with blacklisting ECT.. That wasn’t true. In fact, I can only find one agent who is or wanted to blacklist ECT.. As soon as I …read more      

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