REVEALED: Patrick Stone, AHF’s Unlikely New Weapon Against Porn

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The limpest performer in history has a new gig, and if you trust a word out of this guy’s mouth, you must be Stoned

Report by Michael Whiteacre

Remember the name Patrick Stone?

He’s the guy who appeared at an AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) press conference alongside Cameron Bay, Rod Daily, Derrick Burts and Darren James on September 18th of last year.

Darren James, Derrick Burts, Patrick Stone, Michael Weinstein, Rod Daily & Cameron Bay

Out of all Michael Weinstein’s speakers that day, Stone stood alone as the sole HIV-negative performer — Stone had recently been given a ‘false positive’ HIV test result.

Seeing as how Stone hadn’t earned AHF ‘Fifth Beatle’ status, why was he there?

A careful reading of Mike South’s pro-AHF/anti-Porn Valley gossip site over the past few months reveals the answer.

Stone is the so-called “Former employee“ South references who has filed Cal/OSHA complaints (with the assistance of AHF), and whose redacted lab test results are liberally sprinkled into South’s rants against adult industry testing protocols.

With AB1576, the new mandatory condoms in porn plus bill from Isadore Halll (D-AHF), working its way through Sacramento, Stone’s “leaks” to Mike South have made for a steady …read more    

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