Scam Union Founder & Felon Phyllisha Anne Commits Yet Another Crime

Stupid people do stupid things. Drug addicts do really stupid things, stupid drug addicts like Phyllisha Anne do so much stupid shit its hard for me to keep track..

Since this is porn, and it’s been a few months since I really shit on this tard, ill rehash a few things for the people who are new, or are also stupid and have forgot about all this piece of shit has done.

Phyllisha Anne started a union in an effort to make money off dues and initiation fees, in order for her to do this, she couldn’t have a legit election, instead, she hand picked people she thought would back her scheme up. Flash forward, after 5 months of NO ONE giving a shit, her dream of getting rich off performers was fading away, when an ultimatum to the Free Speech Coalition failed, she cut a deal with AHF for funding, in exchange she promised the Union would not only sign on to back AHF’s condom measure Prop 60, but she would deliver up to 300 performers to help get yes voters. After coming to terms with AHF, She then, without the a vote by union members, or the board, …read more      

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