Meet Conman & Fake Millionaire Gabriel Bender Cain Part1

Before I get into the details, I just want to say, I told everyone this guy was a fraud..As usual, people wanna learn the hard way

About 8 months ago, my buddy Bosco started talking about this guy Bender who ran this site Explicit List..He asked me a few times to talk to the guy, maybe give him some pointers on the blogging game..Finally, we talked, at about the minute mark, I realized this guy was completely full of shit.

Bender The Millionaire

While talking with Bender, every 2 mins he’d talk about how much money he had, how he owned all these strip clubs, how his business partner was a high powered Google attorney and he was connected to the porn elite..I found that odd since I have never heard of him, not that im someone, but i do know a few people.. In between all this, bender kept asking me how to make money at blogging? Which I found really odd since he claims to be a millionaire. I kept explaining to him over and over that there wasn’t any money it. That the reason I’m were I’m at is because I write the shit others are afraid …read more      

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