Custom Video Thief Christoper Phillip Tucker “You Will Suffer Every Porn & Sex Workers Worst Nightmare”


Christoper Phillip Tucker’s MO is simple, set up the custom vid, wait for delivery, then do a charge back. As of this writing I can confirm this has happened to at least 5 girls, most likely more..

When a girl or the girls fans call him out on twitter for his thievery, he pulls the race card then proclaims he’s being picked on for being autistic. And if the “I’m Black and Autistic” fails, he has NO problem tweeting you your real name coupled with idle threats..

To be honest, I’m not sure if he’s autistic or not, either way, it doesn’t give him the right to steal money from girls who are just trying to pay their bills…

So he gets the vid, does the chargeback, using the “scammer stole my card”

Then he cuts a deal to pay the girl for the vid at a fraction of the original cost:


Reading his timeline, it appears his card gets compromised regularly… I might believe that if he was living with Scott from Plush Talent.

For those that might not recognize the picture, …read more      

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