Warning: Prop. 60 Unsafe! #NoProp60

AIDS Healthcare Foundation boss Michael Weinstein wants us to believe there’s a health crisis in porn. The opposite is true.

As the proponent of California Proposition 60, Weinstein and his militant litigation machine have poured millions of dollars into a ballot initiative that would actually leave porn performers with a lot less protection than they already have, while driving a job- and revenue-generating industry out of state.

Weinstein and AHF may be spending big on an ad blitz, but they aren’t telling the whole story: The porn industry’s protocols require STD testing twice every month, and not a single HIV transmission has occurred on a porn set in over 12 years! Think about that the next time you meet someone in a bar: When was your bar pick-up last tested? When were you? Porn stars in California are far safer from STDs than the general public.

Theoretically designed to protect porn talent, Prop. 60 would in fact make California’s adult performers far worse off.

• Prop. 60 could force adult performers to publicly disclose personal information, including legal names and home addresses, enabling crazed fans to stalk porn stars.

• Prop. 60 would give EVERY Californian the right to sue adult film producer-performers if a …read more      

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