Neo-Nazi porn star banned by porn business

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A woman fired as the face of a German far-right party because she was a porn star has now been banned by the adult industry… because she is a neo-Nazi.

Blonde porn actress Ina Groll, better known as Kitty Blair, was recently used in promotional stunts for the National Democratic Party of Germany (NDP) but that changed when they discovered she had sex with a black man in her latest film.

Until then, NDP leadership had apparently been happy to use images of the 28-year-old in their various campaigns, believing she would lure male fans to vote for their party.

Groll became friends with senior NDP officials but was ousted by the political group when one of the party members watched her having sex with a black adult performer in the film titled Kitty Discovers Sperm.

Last December, German porn actress Ina Groll decided to change professions. She left the sex industry behind her, abandoned her porn names “Kitty Blair” and “Miss Blair” and announced her new calling on her Facebook page: “I am tired of exposing my body. From now on I will expose a policy of hate.”

Now, according to German porn industry spokesman John Thompson, who is also boss of the Berlin …read more    

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