Go To School With Charlotte Sartre in Severe Sex’s “Tips From A Master”

charlotte sartre

Los Angeles – Charlotte Sartre has been making her mark on the industry in the short time she’s been performing. Known for her work ethic and extreme kinkiness, producers can’t wait to get her on their sets. Charlotte’s latest release,”Kink School: Tips From A Master” by Severe Sex, displays her knowledge and love of BDSM in educational setting. Charlotte appears on the cover of this DVD, which also features Charlotte Cross, Cupcake Sinclair, Mickey Mod, Tommy Pistol, and Tim Woodman.

Charlotte plays submissive to her master Mickey Mod in this thrilling scene. Each time she is dominated by Mickey, whether it be getting spanked with a cat-o-nine tails, getting choked, or receiving an anal pounding, Charlotte is sure to thank him for the pleasure she is earning. Charlotte and Mickey manage to deliver a hot scene, while instructing viewers on how to safely and respectfully incorporating BDSM into their lifestyles.

Working on this film was a pleasure for Charlotte, as she stated, “I really, REALLY enjoyed getting fucked up the ass by Mickey Mod and being able to simultaneously demonstrate BDSM in an educational sense.” You can purchase the entire DVD, or buy Charlotte’s scene here.

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