Icon Male Streets ‘Football Hero 2’ On DVD

In honor of the impending football and tailgating season, Icon Male is releasing gay porn sports drama “Football Hero 2” on DVD today. Produced by Mile High Media and written and directed by Nica Noelle, “Football Hero 2” features seven sexy studs in search of some good tight ends.

“Football Hero 2” stars Hugh Hunter, Max Sargent, Ethan Slade, Armond Rizzo, Kory Houston, Andrew Fitch, and Doug Acre.

“Icon Male continues to bolster its reputation for high quality gay content with ‘Football Hero 2′,” states Mile High Media Vice President Jon Blitt. “The movie mixes fun storylines with hardcore sex in a way that is completely distinctive to Mile High Media and its studios.”

Retired professional football star Hugh Hanson (Hugh Hunter) has agreed to coach a local football team, but as his own former coach (Max Sargent) tells young lover (Doug Acre) that’s like putting a wolf in charge of the hen house! Hugh’s jealous, power bottom boyfriend (Armond Rizzo) suspects Hugh won’t be able to resist the hot, young football players, and he’s proven right when Hugh seduces gorgeous young athlete Ethan. Meanwhile, team players Kory and Andrew decide to take a break from summer training for some …read more      

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