The Truth Behind AHF’s False “Antibiotics” Claims #RemoveWeinstein

At the last Cal/OSHA hearing, we heard several representatives from AHF claim that the Free Speech Coalition’s Proposal 560 would require bi-weekly shots of antibiotics, such as doxycycline, for adult performers. We’ve since heard it repeated to press, on blogs, and on social media. To be honest, we were confused. We would not (and legally could not) ever require performers to take antibiotics or any other medication.

Petition 560 is based on proposals that FSC and APAC worked on during the last regulatory process, emphasizing choice and control by the performers. Unlike AHF’s petition, which mandates condoms, the FSC/APAC petition presents a toolbox of prevention options that performers can choose from and utilize: including the existing condoms and/or testing protocol, as well as vaccines and biomedical advances. Our industry is diverse, and we know performers are the best guardians of their own sexual health. That’s why our petition reads:

“This petition asks that adult film workers have the ability to take advantage of current or future more effective prevention innovations … The petition requests absolute control by the worker over which effective method of prevention they choose to best protect their personal and sexual health.”

In our petition, we included two new medical …read more      

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