TS Kimber Haven Inspiring Young Women Transitioning

Few people know the hell of being born the wrong gender, and many are afraid to make the leap to become what they want to be. At the age of 39, Tracy, an ex-heavyweight cage fighter and celebrity bodyguard, became Kimber Haven. With an amazing support system of friends and family, she made the change and now lives the life that was always waiting for her. She’s a cam model and adult performer with a successful website and over 100,000 fans around the world.

Many trans people don’t have a support system like Kimber did. They hide in the shadows or never transition. It’s Kimber’s intention that once she transitioned she would be a role model for young trans women, to let them know it’s going to be OK and they can do it. Part of that was making a very candid video to show her transition from cis man to t-girl. “My Transgender Story: Becoming Kimber” is a short documentary that shows her journey from beginning to end. The video has been posted to YouTube, and she wants people to see it and spread the word.

“Many people know about Kaitlin Jenner and that has helped acceptance of trans people, but …read more      

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