Slams New Cal/OSHA Citations Against Company #RemoveWeinstein

SAN FRANCISCO — says Cal/OSHA has alerted them that the company will face several new citations over Kink’s decision to give adult performers choice in using condoms. The citations and fines, which are expected to be announced by Cal/OSHA by Monday, are the result of numerous ‘swatting’ complaints filed by Michael Weinstein, the proponent of a statewide mandatory condom ballot initiative in California.

“Weinstein is abusing Cal/OSHA to harass his political opponents,” said Mike Stabile, spokesperson for “There were no injuries. These were not complaints filed by anyone on set. They were filed by a man on a computer watching adult videos, looking for an opportunity to strike back against people who opposed a regressive condom mandate.” will appeal the citations, as it has similar citations in the past. utilizes the adult industry STI testing system and allows performers to choose whether or not to use condoms for their scenes. The company estimates that ten to fifteen percent of performers on Kink shoots do use condoms, but many find them difficult or painful to use on long shoots, and prefer to rely on the proven testing system.

Since 2009, Weinstein has filed over a hundred Cal/OSHA complaints …read more      

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