STR8UPGAYPORN Puts A Desperate Spin On Pierre Fitch’s Allegations Of CockyBoys’ Misconduct

On the heels of THIS PassTheTea expose, Str8UpGayPorn finally addressed today Pierre Fitch’s allegations of model abuse at the hands of Cockyboys director Jake Jaxson. After giving an interview to PassTheTea about his experiences with Cockyboys (an interview that possibly contains allegations of sexual exploitation, verbal abuse and failure to pay models for scenes), Fitch suddenly became terrified and begged Noelle to stop tweeting to @Str8UpGayPorn about the matter.

In a cautious rebuttal piece today, Sire published a series of measured, respectful DMs with Fitch (Sire is obviously careful when writing private messages because he knows they can be screencapped). In the DMs, Sire cheerfully asks Fitch for details of the alleged abuse. Fitch accurately responds that he knows Sire “works with those guys” (Cockyboys) and declines the request.

At no point during the exchange does Sire extend his support to Fitch or express a desire to help the model expose possible studio misconduct. This is puzzling, given Sire is known for his vicious crusades against studios he claims mistreat their models. (Of note: all of Sire’s targets are distinguished by their lack of a financial involvement with Str8UpGayPorn.)

In the DMs, Sire seems less concerned with Fitch’s current allegations against …read more      

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