TitanMen presents OUT! — The Story of Coming Out in Professional Sports

A.J. Benson, a hall-of-fame catcher and current manager of the three-time world champion San Francisco Titans baseball team, has had enough. A.J.’s sexuality has been the subject of public speculation for years, but the tabloids have recently raised the rumors to a fever pitch. Encouraged by his close friend and batting coach Dave Decker, A.J. decides to come out and put the rumors to rest. The former Olympian is reluctant at first, but he soon realizes that his openness could help gay, lesbian, and transgender athletes everywhere. His revelation, broadcast live on national television with the help of his former-teammate-turned-sportscaster Jim Weaver, has immediate repercussions… not just for his colleagues and fans, but for A.J. himself.

“I’m so excited about an athlete coming out story!” says Jesse Jackman, who plays A.J. in the film. “When I was a college athlete (and still closeted), I watched a lot of porn. If I’d seen a movie in which one of the characters came out, I might have been inspired to do the same. Maybe I’m hoping for too much, but perhaps that’ll happen for someone who watches OUT! — some nervous, closeted collegiate athlete — and it’ll help him become a more complete, …read more      

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