Toronto Star: Sex workers should get a say on prostitution policy

sex workers.jpg.size .xxlarge.letterbox 450x301 Toronto Star: Sex workers should get a say on prostitution policy

As the Canadian government begins the process of drafting new prostitution laws, it ought to consult with those with the most at stake.

A Toronto Star op/ed by Emily van der Meulen – Assistant Professor in the Department of Criminology at Ryerson University, Elya M. Durisin – doctoral candidate in the Department of Political Science at York University, and Victoria Love – sex worker and activist based in Toronto. They recently co-edited Selling Sex: Experience, Advocacy, and Research on Sex Work in Canada

More than two months ago the Supreme Court of Canada unanimously struck down sections of the prostitution laws because they deprive sex workers of their constitutional right to security of the person. The court ruled that these laws create conditions that result in harm and violence toward sex workers.

Called Bedford v Canada, this decision is the outcome of decades of largely unseen and unrecognized efforts by sex workers and their allies, and represents an important opportunity to improve living and working conditions for sex workers in Canada.

With Parliament in session, Justice Minister Peter MacKay will begin the process of drafting new laws regulating prostitution that — according to the Supreme Court — must be in agreement with …read more    

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